Enter the Photon Belt

Ok, now that we have entered into this large energy cloud in our galaxy that we pass through every 10,000 years people are beginning to have personal spiritual awakenings. We have entered into the greatest time in human history.
This also allows the spirits that have lingered on this plane a supply of cosmic energy they would otherwise need to get from us, the living. So expect an influx of ghost, UFO, Bigfoot and other mythical creature sightings and encounters. It is of upmost importance to carry a camera or video recorder of some type with you at all times preferably one that can shoot in Infra Red mode, this is very important. Be prepared for all inter dimensionary beings as they begin to appear more frequently as the spiritual energy begins to grow.
Ever since first broadcasting ParanormAlaska we have had so many of you come forward to tell us your stories and I find so many that are so fresh and powerful that I am beginning to film a new season and am looking forward to bringing more unexplained phenomena to the screen for all to make up their own mind about. I am also filming a new bit so there is plenty more on the way. Please forgive me for not posting in so long, there has been a lot going on!


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