ParanormAlaska gets warm reception!

Thanks to all that watched the Pilot this last saturday night you can look forward to more solid paranormal evidence every weekend. Next episode we begin our year long investigation living in a Haunted Location and we investigate the rumors that a former Ketchikan city councilman was murdered upstairs in the building that is now the First City Saloon back in 1952. This investigation yielded some of our best results and we captured a never-before-seen type of activity there that I have named The Light Blade. This spiritual dagger is made of invisible infra red light and leaves marks and injury on the living that it comes in contact with. That’s right, the only malignant force we have discovered within the footage yet and you can see it for yourself on this week’s episode. Happy Viewing!

To Help the Search and donate five bucks to the cause click the link below and read my Novel about the Kushtaka. Its an adult book so be warned.
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