ParanormAlaska makes its Television debut!

My new reality series and documentary reveals never before seen types of Paranormal Activity to the World. Our pilot episode will expose two types as well as ten Electronic Voice Phenomena and a very powerful Poltergeist. No Dramatizations, no BS just solid Paranormal Evidence. Our investigations result is so much evidence that we don’t have to fill the show with backstory or BS as I refer to it. The series will finale with the first ever documented Spiritual Assault on a Living Person! Thats right, I caught it all on camera but don’t take my word for it, you can watch the show and make up your own mind. All evidence is real and can’t be faked.
Follow this blog to keep up with online posts of the show and happy hunting!

If you would like to Help The Search for the Unknown the easiest way is to click the link below to purchase a digital download of my Novel about Kushtaka Mythology. This book was written in a Stephen King Style so be ready for lots of Sex, Drugs, Rock-N-Roll and Adult Language so you know its really awesome! Thanks again and now you know you contributed to the Search!
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