The Really Bad News debut!

Because hey, it’s all Bad News!


Enter the Photon Belt

Ok, now that we have entered into this large energy cloud in our galaxy that we pass through every 10,000 years people are beginning to have personal spiritual awakenings. We have entered into the greatest time in human history.
This also allows the spirits that have lingered on this plane a supply of cosmic energy they would otherwise need to get from us, the living. So expect an influx of ghost, UFO, Bigfoot and other mythical creature sightings and encounters. It is of upmost importance to carry a camera or video recorder of some type with you at all times preferably one that can shoot in Infra Red mode, this is very important. Be prepared for all inter dimensionary beings as they begin to appear more frequently as the spiritual energy begins to grow.
Ever since first broadcasting ParanormAlaska we have had so many of you come forward to tell us your stories and I find so many that are so fresh and powerful that I am beginning to film a new season and am looking forward to bringing more unexplained phenomena to the screen for all to make up their own mind about. I am also filming a new bit so there is plenty more on the way. Please forgive me for not posting in so long, there has been a lot going on!

ParanormAlaska Episode 7 features the first ever documented assault from a spirit on a living person!

That’s right! Our season climax is a must see for anyone serious about the Paranormal and for anyone who has a deceased relative that abused them. This investigation changed both of our lives forever and is the best evidence ever captured that confirms the Life After Death Reality. Don’t take my word for it, watch and judge for yourself and realize what I’ve known all along.

The Single Greatest Paranormal Capture on Earth is this week’s reveal on ParanormAlaska

That’s right I am in possession of the footage that reveals our “Guardian Angels” It’s funny because because if I was to say I have footage of Bigfoot people would shit their pants to see it but a capture of something equally mythical as an Angel hasn’t gotten much attention. So far two Hollywood outfits have turned their backs on our ground-breaking show because it “Does not fit their programming needs at this time” but still stands as the best evidence ever captured to date. I know this because I have been paying attention to this subject my entire life and even more so as of last year when I began to discover these things hidden within our footage. That is the most convincing aspect of this entire project, we didn’t start out to find these things, they presented themselves to us! They showed up on camera for a reason… I believe it is so I can show them to the World, so I will not give up until I have exhausted every avenue. Posting on Youtube is useless as only fake videos about this subject seem to go viral even if they admit to being fake in the description people still comment about how freaked out the were watching them. A testament to the intelligence level of the average youtube viewer. So if you are smarter than them and would like to see something real than please show your support by helping us to spread the word. Ancient cultures worldwide believed that the spirits effected their every day lives. I have video tape that proves they were right!

ParanormAlaska episode two Beginning our Year Long Investigation Living in a Haunted Location!

Thant’s right, we don’t just spend the night we live there! I challenge all Paranormal Investigators to put up or shut up, move into a Haunted House and investigate to your heart’s content. That’s what we did and now we are showcasing the best Paranormal Activity ever Captured on Camera! Tonight we reveal the Light Blade! 10 pm on CBS SE and Youtube! Ade,

ParanormAlaska episode two this saturday at 10pm Starting our Year long Investigation living in a Haunted location!

This week’s episode takes us back to our humble beginnings as we discover our Apartment is still occupied by the former resident who died an untimely death within its walls just scant months before we moved in. We also investigate the rumor that a Ketchikan city Councilman was murdered upstairs from the First City Saloon back in 1952. We make contact with both spirits using our spirit box and actually capture our next never before revealed type of Paranormal Activity and the only thing we have captured that displayed an obvious intent. The Light Blade is the Spiritual Dagger that causes physical harm to this side. Don’t take my word for it, watch the show and make up your own mind and until then, Happy Hunting!

ParanormAlaska gets warm reception!

Thanks to all that watched the Pilot this last saturday night you can look forward to more solid paranormal evidence every weekend. Next episode we begin our year long investigation living in a Haunted Location and we investigate the rumors that a former Ketchikan city councilman was murdered upstairs in the building that is now the First City Saloon back in 1952. This investigation yielded some of our best results and we captured a never-before-seen type of activity there that I have named The Light Blade. This spiritual dagger is made of invisible infra red light and leaves marks and injury on the living that it comes in contact with. That’s right, the only malignant force we have discovered within the footage yet and you can see it for yourself on this week’s episode. Happy Viewing!

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